Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It took some time but I have an update.  Between Tropical Storm Isaac and some back pain issues I have not been running at full capacity lately.
The power supplies are finished.  The big 10,000uf capacitor would not fit int the enclosure standing on the board so I had to improvise.  Everything will fit now but with no room to spare.  

 These are the Z-foil and Caddock resistors with the Jensen and Audionote capacitors for the Legato board.  Once all this was put together and with the above power supplies the Buffalo 3 really came alive in my view.  I have not heard anything like it myself.  I'm still waiting on the USB to I2S converter from exa Devices but with just cd play back it is miles above any of my other gear.

 Here are all the parts on the test board.  The Sidecar is just floating and will be mounted differently in the final enclosure.  The lock LED is just mounted temporarily and will be mounted in the front panel on the finished dac.