Thursday, July 5, 2012

As the name implies this blog is about audio.  More precisely the audio gear that I build.  Whether it be for myself or someone else I will be putting all my builds up here.

I'm starting off with a couple of dacs(digital to analog converter).  One is for myself and the other is a commissioned piece.  They are both Twisted Pair Audio Bufallo III dacs.  While waiting for some of the upgraded parts for the commissioned one I started putting mine together.  It is a pretty straight forward build and TPA supplies good parts in their kits.  I'll quit talking now and show some pics.

The first two pics are what the TPA kits look like when they arrive.  Each kit is in a bag with all the parts needed for that particular kit.  

 This is all the parts for the Placid power supply laid out.  Notice that each part is labeled.  It makes the assembly of the boards pretty straight forward.
 Here is the completed Placid prior to testing.  The solder joints still need to be de-fluxed and the store here has no Isopropyl alcohol.
Here are the parts for the Placid Bi-Polar power supply.
And here is the completed Placid BP.
All the parts for the Sidecar.  
Completed Sidecar.  One relay is crooked and will be fixed now that I have some new solder wick.
Here are the parts for the Legato I/V stage.

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